Upload and Download Files in the Fast Lane

Deliver content up to 20x faster than standard Internet. OptiSPEED’s “cloud-optimized routing” technology enables you to upload and download files at the fastest possible speed. Whenever a user uploads or downloads files from the Thru platform with OptiSPEED enabled, files are automatically sent by the fastest transfer route according to the user’s location and Internet connection type.


Fast File Transfer Across the Globe

Like a GPS for file transfers, OptiSPEED maps the Internet flow across the world to maintain a real time view of global Internet congestion. With virtual routers and network measuring agents placed in data centers across the globe, OptiSPEED’s global cloud network automatically optimizes file transfers in real-time to avoid high traffic areas; providing the best possible network performance. This makes uploading and downloading files from long-distances much more efficient, no matter where you are located.

Guaranteed Security of Online File Transfer

OptiSPEED is transparent to all traffic with no caching of data at any point, which means your data is transferred securely. It allows you to select the regions where your data will travel to maintain governance over all data transactions. All transactions within Thru are also recorded in a database so your IT administrators can view and report exactly when data is being touched and know who is performing what actions.


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